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Grain sampler TPLG

TPLG have been a leader in automatic grain sampling in Europe ever since 1977. Today, with more than 2800 references in 20 countries and agents in a total of 40 different countries, TPLG are determined to consolidate their leading position, and to develop their presence on the international market.

HERON 3000 is the latest design in the long line of our HERON grain samplers. In terms of technology, it pertains to an entirely new generation, and though it has kept the elegant design of its predecessors, it offers a great amount of smart technological solutions and new electronic functions.











In the end, you get another revolutionary grain sampler which is both flexible and accurate, and also robust and fast.

– Anti-swing system for the probe spear

Sampling by pure vacuum intake or core-sampling style intake

– Oscillating up/down drive motor with frequency inverter assisted control (patented)

– Increased torque upon penetration into the grain, right down to the bottom of the container, for wet or compact material

– Automatic return to the raised home position once the probe has hit the container bottom (patented)

– Electronic detection of the container bottom contact (patented)

– Adjustable force of penetration of the probe into the grain

– Frequency inverter control of the left-hand/right-hand swivel drive motors

– High efficiency vacuum turbine accommodated inside the sampler pillar

Sample conveying distances up to 200 metres

– Integrated electric enclosure on the sampler pillar

– Cyclone-type sample receiver box with 10 litres capacity

– Sleek and unobstructive sample receiver cabinet

And as always, various sampler models with 2.10 to 5.00 metres radiuses to chose from!

More information in brochure:


HERON 3000 ECO will interest every farmer or association wishing to carry out a quality control of the grain during the harvest, while the grain is being taken to the farm, before being transferred into storage bins or being shipped.

Its installation is extremely simple (less than 1 hour), its power supply will come from a standard 220 Volts mains socket. HERON 3000 ECO is available with or without a swivel drive. Just as the electric enclosure and the vacuum turbine, the sample receiver box, too, is directly attached to the sampler pillar.


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