Stipriausi Lietuvoje

MLVS Stipriausi Lietuvoje 2016


Wir konstruieren & bauen Maschinen für die Landwirt­schaft, auch direkt bei Ihnen vor Ort.



Svea agri


No. 1 in pipework systems
Production > Grain cleaners > FarmPLUS and FarmPLUS E

FarmPLUS and FarmPLUS E

FarmPLUSTM series are Schmidt-Seeger cleaning machines SMA 05, SMA 10 and SMA 20 familiar to everyone and evaluated, but with improvements, providing the user with more options and convenience. The first novelty is an easy and convenient changing of sieves. Easily opened front part of the machine allows not only easy changing of sieves, but also facilitates the maintenance of the machine. The second improvement is the front aspiration. In this case, light impurities are suspended not only by rear aspiration, but also before entering sieves. Front aspiration module is equipped with vibratory plate mechanism, which immediately spreads grains throughout the sieve width that allows obtaining higher efficiency of cleaning machine. Through front aspiration, dust access on the sieve is reduced thus making service life of sieve longer and reducing stoppage of sieves. This extra aspiration column can be added to models LAGA FarmPLUS 10 E and LAGA Farm plus 20 E. If the product does not contain much light impurities, and there is no need for dual aspiration, assembly of the machine is also possible without front aspiration column (models LAGA FarmPLUS 10 and LAGA FarmPLUS 20).



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