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MLVS Stipriausi Lietuvoje 2016


Wir konstruieren & bauen Maschinen für die Landwirt­schaft, auch direkt bei Ihnen vor Ort.



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No. 1 in pipework systems
About us

About us

Mūsų buveinė Gamyklos 43B. Mažeikiai www.mlvs.infoPrivate Limited Liability Company “MLVS” (Maschinen Landtechnik Vertrieb und Service) was founded on 21st of November, 2003.It is a joint venture of Germany and Lithuania. The main activity of PLLC “MLVS” is sale of the new and used agricultural machinery, processing equipment for agricultural production, supplying with the spare parts.The beginning of the company was the trade of the grain warehouses, forage preparation shops, equipment for grain cleaning and drying.At the moment our company is an official representative to Lithuanian market of the tractors McCormick S.p.A. (Italy) also tractors Valpadana S.p.A. (Italy), Germany companies’ Farwick GmbH, MLV GmbH, FrigorTec, Schmidt-Seeger BUHLER, which produce the equipment for storing, cleaning, drying, transportation and freezing of grain. Besides the mentioned firms, our company sells KEK firm’s (Germany) presses, Himel firm’s (Germany) equipment of forage preparation and transportation, roll presses and roll winding machines of firm CIMAC (Italy) and reapers, turners, rakes, pick-ups of the hay and dung spreaders.


We expect successful cooperation!

Oil presses for cold pressing Oil presse Cold pressing KEK KEK-P0020 KEK-P0101 Oil press KEK-P0101 KEK-P0500 Oil press KEK-P0500 Grain pipeline segments Action Sale Discounts Rent Tractors McCormick Tractors McCormick McCormick GM Grain dryers Schmidt-Seeger BUHLER Grain dryer Dryer Schmidt-Seeger BUHLER Grain cleaners Cleaning machine Grain cleaning Cleaning machine SMA 05 SMA 05 Cleaning machine SMA 10 SMA 10 Cleaning machine SMA 20 SMA 20 Cleaning machine SMA 203-3 SMA 203-3 Cleaning machine SMA 206-6 SMA 206-6 Cleaning machine TAS 204A-4S TAS 204A-4S Ultratrieur Grain cleaner SKIOLD Grain cleaner SKIOLD Grain conveying equipment Spring conveyors Grain conveying Screw conveyors Sveaverken Elevators Disc mill Rent agreements Forks VETTER Euro Forks VETTER Hammer mill Electric motors Electric motors BEVI BEVI Grain cooling units FRIGOR-TEC FRIGOT-TEC Grain cooling Trailers semitrailers Feed transportation Grain transportation Front loaders mounted implements Universal bucket with the oppressors UKM-230 Universal bucket Front loaders Forks with oppressor UFH-230 Forks with oppressor UFS-230 Silage cutter US-1600 Silage cutter Roll cutter BC200 Roll cutter Snow blade with hydraulic Snow blade Snow blade USF-280 Lifting platform UM-200 Lifting platform Container unloading Container JACOB Grain ventilation system Ventilation system Ventilation ducts Telescopic pipes Floor aeration Grain storage and pipelines Pipes Valves Fittings Silos PHENIX ROUSIES Silos PHENIX ROUSIES Grain storage Grain crushers SKIOLD Grain crushers Crushers Milling SKIOLD Disc mills SKIOLD Grain mill MTX Grain sampler TPLG HERON HERON 3000 Grain sampler Sampler Sample receiver Tracktors News Auger flighting Strongest in Lithuania 2013 BUHLER @en Cleaning machine Cleaning machine SMA 05 Grain cleaner Grain cleaning Schmidt-Seeger @en SMA 05 @en